How can we help?

Canada is facing a public health crisis and Category 5 believes that, together, we can help address this challenge. We are a large format print and install company that prints, kits, ships and installs big, awesome projects for iconic brands and agencies in outdoor, transit and retail, all across Canada.

As we take on this crisis, we have refocused our efforts to do whatever we can to help. We are retooling our creative and productive capacity to:

  • help front-line workers with protective gear;
  • produce helpful social distancing way-finding tools;
  • develop public messaging to reinforce habits that “plank the curve.”

These are some of the ideas our team has been working on. We ask for your help in this endeavor. If there are ideas you have, or opportunities to partner, we would greatly welcome them. This challenge can and will be overcome, and we invite you to team up with us.